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X-Safe Transparent Value Bags


Our X-Safe transparent value bags have many features you'll find in a high end security bag, but incorporating an economical sealing method. Instead of a high end voiding tape, the sealing mechanism relies on a high-tack hot-melt adhesive used in conjunction with a voiding substrate. The voiding substrate shows sign of tampering on contact with water and solvent, or heat is applied.

Functionality is not compromised however, as the transparent value bag incorporates many features: a tear-off receipt for reference, unique serial numbers with corresponding barcodes, white patches for writing with markers and pens, and even micro-printed patterns on the edges for detecting deformations due to tampering.


  • Documents transfer
  • Government & medical

Key Features

  • Tear-off receipt.
  • Serial numbered and barcoded for convenience.
  • Writable with most markers and pens.
  • Easy to apply hot-melt adhesive.
  • Optional made from 80% recycled plastic.
  • Optional Biodegradable & compostable.
  product code storage size material numbering
X-Safe Clear Value CCV3240 320mm x 400mm LDPE (clear) sequential with tear off receipt
X-Safe Clear Value CCV2230 220mm x 300mm LDPE (clear) sequential with tear off receipt
Fit / Unfit Note 100 FIT100/UNFIT100 125mm x 200mm with 35mm lip LDPE (clear) none
Fit / Unfit Note 500 FIT500/UNFIT500 165mm x 250mm with 35mm lip LDPE (clear) none
Fit/Unfit notes are used to streamline the organisation of cash for businesses, especially banks.


Made from recyclable plastic. Please ensure used bags are disposed correctly into proper recycling bins.

Recyclable plastic ldpe

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