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X-Safe SCEC approved Tamper Evident Bags


X-Safe SCEC Approved Tamper Evident bags are single-use bags manufactured from high quality materials and utilise a high security tamper evident tape (resistant to temperature, moisture and solvent-based tampering). The integrated tamper evident tape features adhesive that continues to function at temperatures high enough to warp and distort the tape. Removing the tape at any time, during heating or freezing, will cause void messages to appear.

To maintain integrity of the bag, the tape is over-printed with corresponding serial numbers to prevent replacement of the tape after tampering.

They are available in various sizes and styles suitable for a wide range of applications including document and cash transportation. X-Safe SCEC Approved Tamper Evident bags are Australian Government Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) SL2 approved to assure security, reliability and consistency.

The bags have writable surfaces, and most types have a tear-off receipt for reference. All bags are printed with unique serial numbers and most have a corresponding barcode for convenience.


  • Confidential documents transfer
  • Coins, money & cheques transfer
  • Duty-free & airport retail shops
  • Police investigation & prison
  • Government & medical

Key Features

  • Tear-off receipt
  • Serial numbered and most are barcoded for convenience
  • Writable with most markers and pens
  • High security tape is resistant to temperature, moisture and solvent-based tampering


Although we offer a wide range of bag sizes, materials, and printing types, you may have some specific requirements for your bag that our standard range doesn't cover.

You can customise the size, colour, material, printing, and security features of your bag. If this sounds daunting, don't worry - when you contact us, a friendly B-Sealed representative will work with you through the design and manufacture of your customised bag.

Circumstances will change on a case by case basis but a typical minimum order quantity for customised bags is 10,000 pieces.



  product code storage size material numbering shop link
X-Safe BS3847 Opaque SCEC BS3847SCEC 380mm x 470mm COEX white/grey 80 (opaque) sequential with tear off receipt available now
X-Safe BS2834 Opaque SCEC BS2834SCEC 280mm x 340mm COEX white/grey 80 (opaque) sequential with tear off receipt available now
X-Safe BS2026 Opaque SCEC BS2026SCEC 200mm x 260mm COEX white/grey 80 (opaque) sequential with tear off receipt available now
X-Safe CC2026 Clear SCEC CC2026SCEC 200mm x 260mm COEX 80 (clear) sequential with tear off receipt  
X-Safe Skim Bag Clear SCEC CC1723SCEC 170mm x 230mm MONO 80 (clear) sequential  

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