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The ClickSeal is an indicative seal with a low-profile, crimp-free design that is perfect for sealing small locking holes. Its tool-free design allows for quick and easy application without the need for expensive crimping pliers. The triple locking head guarantees a secure locking position.


  • Utility meters
  • Telecommunications
  • Taxi meters
  • Petroleum (LPG)

Key Features

  • Low-profile design: ClickSeal is only 7.0mm thick, making it a great choice for applications where space is limited.
  • Crimp-free: ClickSeal does not require crimping, which makes it quick and easy to install mechanism.


  • Made from polycarbonate plastic.


  • Various colour
  • Custom markings
  • Logo
  • Serial numbers
  • 2D codes & QR codes

Minimum order quantity required.



  dimensions hole dimension shop link
ClickSeal 42mm x 23.5mm x 7.0mm 2.0mm
  product code wire diameter wire length shop link
Galvanised steel crimp wire 200m CW01GS 1.2mm (0.5mm inner wire, 0.3mm outer wire) 200m
Galvanised steel crimp wire 40m CW06GS 1.2mm (0.5mm inner wire, 0.3mm outer wire) 40m
Copper crimp wire 20m CW07C 0.6mm 20m
Stainless steel crimp wire 50m CW09SS 0.6mm 50m


Recyclable plastic abs other

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