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ZipLock 2 seals are just like our original ZipLock bag seals in that they're usable with all our ZipLock compatible bags. The ZipLock enclosure fixes the zipper head by use of a ZipLock 2 seal, while its unique serial number is logged for security. The ZipLock 2 seal is easily removed without a cutting tool but is destroyed in the process, providing evidence of entry.

ZipLock 2 seals have been tweaked to incorporate a larger tag which provides a more versatile surface area for laser marking and barcoding. Furthermore, a dorsal notch on the locking arrow accommodates security enclosures which feature a "rail" that may prevent use of our standard ZipLock seals.


  • Financial services industry
  • Supermarkets & department stores
  • Prison services
  • Military base
  • Government departments
  • Hospitals
  • Postal services
  • Hotels & clubs

Key Features

  • Used in conjunction with ZipLock enclosure equipped security bags
  • Individually printed with serial numbers for auditing and security
  • No tools required to remove seals


  • Various colours
  • Logo printing
  • Other markings
  • Serial numbers
  • Barcodes

Minimum order quantity required.



  total dimensions tag dimensions shop link
ZipLock 2 37.4mm x 11.3mm x 2.6mm 28.5mm x 11.3mm



Recyclable plastic pp

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