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Clean door seals & void labels


Our bespoked door seals was specially designed for use in the retail and hospitality industry. Once a room has been cleaned and sanitised, simply apply label to seal the door. These labels have a perforation in the middle that will tear when door is opened. Totally or partially removing the label would also produce a visual indication of tampering. Reinforce your customer confidence with a hotel door seal.

These labels can be used on rental cars and vehicles, fridge doors, server rack doors, and more.

X-Safe Tamper Evident Non-transfer Labels are self-adhesive labels that void themselves when removed. A clearly visible void message appears upon peeling of label, but they leave no markings on the applied surface. With no void message left on the surface, the recipient must be aware there should be a security label, as a missing label or a different serial number is evidence of tampering. However, having no residue is convenient for when the sealed object is meant to be reused quickly - less time is spent cleaning off traces of adhesive.


  • Hotel room doors
  • Cabinets
  • Car doors
  • Entry, access and egress points
  • Tray tables


  • Colour
  • Logo printing
  • Markings
  • Serial numbers
  • Barcodes & QR codes

Minimum order quantity required.

Key Features

  • Available in non-transfer
  • Perforation tears easily so it doesn't impede opening.
  • Can be easily personalised. Contact us for details!



  size shop link
X13080NT-A 130mm x 80mm hourglass
X13040NT-A 130mm x 80mm hourglass
customised sizes please enquire  

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