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The Safer Box system is a set of lockable plastic containers of various sizes that can be opened with a common key for use in retail situations. The lock is a simple latch that positively clicks into position when snapped in, and is strong enough to resist most opportunistic tampering. Unlocking the box takes seconds with the matching Safer Box Key.

Paired best with an electronic article surveillance system for shoplifting deterrence, the Safer Box can also be deployed in conjunction with security labels if tamper evidence is required. When non-transfer labels are applied, there is no clean up time when opened and the box is ready for next use.


  • Retail stores

Key Features

  • Available in a variety of fully recyclable plastics - PP for transparent, and PE for frosted finish
  • Heavy duty locking tab is easily unlocked with a Safer Box Key
  • Can be hung on hooks or stood on shelves
  code tag size recommended use
Safer Box A SBOXA 140mm x 130mm x 40mm batteries, condoms, car fresheners, shaving blades
Safer Box B SBOXB 140mm x 130mm x 65mm ink cartridges, cosmetics, electronics
Safer Box C SBOXC 225mm x 130mm x 40mm razors, cosmetics, electronics
Safer Box D SBOXD 215mm x 145mm x 28mm DVD and PC games
Safer Box E SBOXE 140mm x 111mm x 38mm car fresheners, cosmetics, electronics
Safer Box F SBOXF 190mm x 155mm x 54mm printer cartridges

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