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Plastic Seals


Short: Biodegradable additives are added to our seals to enhance the biodegradability of plastic.

Long: Additives are added to increase hydrophilic parameters to the polymer chain, thus allowing microbial enzymatic action to reduce the structure of the polymer by utilizing macromolecules within the plastic polymer.

B-Sealed recommend our customers dispose all our plastic seals properly in recycle bins.

Product Type

  • Fixed length seals
  • Pull-tight seals

Key Features

  • Additives added to enhance biodegradability of the plastic
  • Option is available on various B-Sealed's range of seals


  • Colour
  • Logo printing
  • Other markings
  • Serial numbers

Minimum order quantity required.



  product type applications more info
TwinLock fixed length seal truck doors, side curtains
HybridLock fixed length seal truck doors, side curtains
LightLock pull tight seal light duty use, first aid kits, fire extinguishers
Mini-JawLock pull tight seal trolleys, cassettes, courier bags, drums

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