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Biodegradable Plastic Additive


B-Sealed worked with our suppliers to bring to market biodegradable plastic seals. Adding BioSphere's unique additive enhances the ability of the plastic to biodegrade in anaerobic and aerobic environments.

This should not be confused with oxo-degradable plastics, where other additives cause the break down of plastics into smaller pieces, generating micro-plastic waste.

Manufacturing with BioSphere's biodegradable plastic additive will give microbes the ability to secrete acids and consume the plastic seals, turning them into base elements CH4 , CO2 , biomass and water. BioSphere's biodegradable additive enhances the ability for microbes to consume the plastic at a much faster rate by adding in key features to the polymer.

B-Sealed recommend our customers dispose all our plastic seals properly after use in recycle bins, first and foremost.

Product Type

  • Fixed length seals
  • Pull-tight seals

Key Features

  • Short: Additives are added to enhance biodegradability of the plastic into its base elements.
  • Long: Additives are added to increase hydrophilic parameters to the polymer chain, thus allowing microbial enzymatic action to reduce the structure of the polymer by utilizing macromolecules within the plastic polymer.
  • Option is available on various B-Sealed's range of seals
  • Contact us for details!



BioSphere - Changing the way of life
Photo credits: Maurice Mikkers, Sigmund
  product type applications more info
TwinLock Bio+ fixed length seal truck doors, side curtains
HybridLock Bio+ fixed length seal truck doors, side curtains
LightLock Bio+ pull tight seal light duty use, first aid kits, fire extinguishers
Mini-JawLock Bio+ round stem pull tight seal trolleys, cassettes, courier bags, drums
SegurLock Bio+ smooth pull tight seal postal bags, tote boxes, ballot boxes, truck doors, side curtains
ArrowLock Bio+ special purpose seal cassettes, tote boxes, drums
ZipLock Bio+ special purpose seal reusable bags

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