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Attached Lid Container for ArrowLock


Our general use security boxes are made from polypropylene, making them resistant to most chemicals while being heavy duty enough for many storage and moving applications.

They work best with ArrowLock AL04 seals - uniquely serial numbered tabs which plug into the two locking holes on opposite ends of the lid.

The lids swing out but are permanently attached to avoid separate handling - and more importantly, they don't get lost.


  • Cash containers
  • Ammunition boxes
  • Tote boxes for pharmaceutical use
  • Tote boxes for removals and storage

Key Features

  • Lids permanently attach to avoid separate handling
  • Tamper evident when fitted with ArrowLock AL04 seals
  • Ticket holder only accessible from inside to improve security
  • Textured area on outer walls facilitates easy removal of adhesive labels
  • The are able to nest, saving storage and distribution costs
  • They stack together positively when lid is closed for stability
  • Handgrips on short sides for ease of manual handling
  • Base compatible with most conveyors
  • Made from polypropylene, making it resistant to most chemicals
  external dimensions internal dimensions bottom dimensions* volume nesting height stacking height shop link
ALC64265 600mm x 400mm x 265mm 530mm x 353mm x 240mm   48L 108mm 253mm  
ALC64310 600mm x 400mm x 306mm 514mm x 350mm x 281mm   54L 108mm 295mm  
ALC64260X 600mm x 400mm x 260mm 555mm x 365mm x 255mm 500mm x 310mm Small 90mm 255mm  
ALC64260X Vented 600mm x 400mm x 260mm 555mm x 365mm x 255mm 500mm x 310mm Small 90mm 255mm
ALC64320X 600mm x 400mm x 320mm 555mm x 365mm x 300mm 500mm x 310mm Medium 90mm 300mm
ALC64355X 600mm x 400mm x 355mm 555mm x 365mm x 335mm 500mm x 310mm Large 90mm 335mm

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