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PlaskaLock type-f


PlaskaLock Type-F is a high security device with enhanced tamper-evident features. Comes standard with Aircraft-grade galvanised steel cable, but option for Nylon version is suitable for key management solutions.


  • Keys and key tracking system
  • High security cabinets & containers
  • Cash boxes

Key Features

  • Large tag aread for extra printing area, allowing barcodes or QR codes.
  • Aircraft-grade galvanised steel cable that will fray when cut.


  • Suitable for temperatures ranging -20°C to 60°C
  • Tensile strength > 100kg-f


  • Cable length
  • Colour
  • Logo printing
  • Other markings
  • Barcode, QR codes
  • Serial numbers

Minimum order quantity required.



  product code body dimensions cable length cable diameter breaking strength shop link
PlaskaLock Type-F PK15AE 40mm x 24mm x 6.3mm 100mm 1.5mm > 100kg-f  
PlaskaLock Nylon Type-F PK15AE-N 40mm x 24mm x 6.3mm 100mm 1.5mm TBA  

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