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UnoLock 3


The UnoLock 3.0 is an ISO/DIS 17712 & C-TPAT compliant high security bolt seal, with printing and numbers encapsulated by a polycarbonate plastic cover. The barrel and pin coating is made of durable plastic to reveal evidence of tampering. It also features an 18mm diameter insert and pin head to keep the seal engaged on the container latch even when the plastic covers are removed or knocked off.


  • Shipping containers bound for US
  • Trucks
  • Rail freight

Key Features

  • Seals are ISO/DIS 17712 & C-TPAT compliant
  • Hardened zinc coated pin
  • Barrel covered by hard durable polycarbonate
  • 18mm diameter insert mechanism & pin head is larger than ISO Container latch hole so that the seal will remain in place even if the plastic coating on the seal has been removed or knocked off
  • Partially transparent barrel to detect tampering attempts on locking mechanism
  • Limited to 130° rotation when engaged to defeat high-speed rotation tampering techniques


  • Can withstand a pull load of minimum 1,300kg-f
  • Suitable for temperatures ranging from -40°C to 110°C
  product code barrier diameter locking distance locking diameter pin diameter
UnoLock 3.0 UL 25.3mm 44mm 20mm 10mm
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