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Heat shrink seals


Heat shrink sleeves are clear plastic bands that fit around the opening or sometimes wrap around the entire product. Once heat is applied to the band, it will shrink and fit onto the product. An effective way to create consumer confidence, providing security and peace of mind to you and your customer.


  • Food jars and bottles
  • Packaging box
  • Containers

Key Features

  • Easy to apply
  • Perforations optional
  • Printing optional


  • Application heat 80°C to 100°C


  • Colour
  • Custom markings

Minimum order quantity required.



  product code Lay Flat Width Cut Length Suitable size shop link
LF45mm SHR-LF45CL70 45mm 70mm Ø2.4cm to Ø2.7cm
LF50mm SHR-LF50CL78 50mm 78mm Ø2.8cm to Ø3.0cm
LF50mm SHR-LF50CL83 50mm 83mm Ø2.8cm to Ø3.0cm
LF50mm SHR-LF50CL93 50mm 93mm Ø2.8cm to Ø3.0cm
LF50mm various 50mm customised Ø2.8cm to Ø3.0cm ask us!
LF55mm SHR-LF55CL40 55mm 40mm Ø3.1cm to Ø3.4cm
LF55mm SHR-LF55CL93 55mm 93mm Ø3.1cm to Ø3.4cm
LF75mm SHR-LF75CL30 75mm 30mm Ø4.3cm to Ø4.6cm
LF82mm SHR-LF82CL30 82mm 30mm Ø4.8cm to Ø5.1cm
LF89mm SHR-LF89CL30 89mm 30mm Ø5.2cm to Ø5.5cm
LF105mm SHR-LF105CL30 105mm 30mm Ø6.3cm to Ø6.5cm
LF118mm SHR-LF118CL30 118mm 30mm Ø7.0cm to Ø7.4cm
LF120mm SHR-LF120CL35 120mm 35mm Ø7.3cm to Ø7.5cm
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