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Roller Bag


Our Roller Bags resemble standard rolling luggage but have an internal compartment which are secured with tamper evident seals. This allows the roller security bag to be discrete and will present less of a target than conspicuous standard security bags. Equipped with an extendable handle and rollers, the roller security bag is easy to pull along and is less tiring to transport than carry bags.

As with most travel bags, our bags have some externally accessible front pockets ideal for storing notes and documents for quick access that do not need tamper evidence.

Opening the main zips reveals a secure compartment compatible with pull-tight security seals or padlocks. A ZipLock enclosure can be optionally fitted at the factory for compatibility with the economical ZipLock seal. Under the security flap is ample space for storage of multiple satchels of coins or documents.


  • Cash in transit

Key Features

  • Main zipper is compatible with pull-tight seals or padlocks
  • ZipLock enclosures may alternatively be fitted for ZipLock seal compatibility
  • Extra externally access pockets are useful for quick access to unsecured documents and notes.
  • Unmarked and conservative design for discrete transportation
  product code internal dimensions
Roller Bag RB1 400mm x 300mm x 120mm
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