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Ballot Bag


Our ballot bags are designed to have two openings. One is a small slot for insertion of ballots, forms or small bags, while the other is a top cover which can flip open completely for easy access to the contents.

Each zipper can be secured individually depending on the situation. In its regular configuration the ballot bag's large grade zipper slider and eyelet combination allows the use of padlocks or pull-tight seals. Optionally the ballot bags can be factory fitted with our ZipLock enclosure which allows use of the more economical ZipLock security seals.

Externally accessed windows on the top and front provide unsecured pockets for slipping in notes and identification tags for reference. If the documents or tags require security, a third large window, located on the front, is only accessible from the inside.

The side walls and bottom are lined with nylon encapsulated board for reinforcement of wall rigidity. These are trimmed with velcro to make the inserts removable, allowing them to be flat packed for transportation.

The ballot boxes can be configured with buckle-fitted carry straps for ease of transportation when assembled.


  • Ballots
  • Skim bag drops

Key Features

  • Mail slot on top
  • 3 edge zipper opening to allow lid to flip completely open
  • Eyelet and slider configuration for padlocks and pull-tight seals
  • ZipLock enclosures may alternatively be fitted for ZipLock seal compatibility
  • Reinforced walls and bottom
  • Velcro trimmed wall inserts for easy of assembly and disassembly
  • Multiple externally accessed pocket windows for easy-access notes and documents
  • Single large internally accessed pocket window for secure notes and documents
  • Optional carry strap capable with installation of buckles on corners
  product code dimensions
Ballot Bag BB1 300mm x 300mm x 480mm
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