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e-Lock Standard


Electronic seals are ideal for securing doors and latches where frequent access is needed. Instead of using a new disposable security seal for each access, the e-Lock generates a new random number every time the cable bolt is re-inserted. A bright LED screen displays a 5 digit number when the green button is pressed.


  • Truck or van doors
  • Containers
  • Fridge or freezer doors

Key Features

  • Bright 5 digit LED display illuminates for easy reading, even at night
  • A spring lock holds the plug in place for fast and easy access
  • Sealing pin has a 4mm hole, capable of insertion of a pull-tight seal or cable seal for additional security


  • Sealed, non-rechargable lithium long life battery is specced to last many actuations, no recharging necessary
  • Fixed to truck doors with four M6 screws
  • IP67 rated waterproofing
  • AISI 316 (marine grade) stainless steel cable


  • Various cable lengths
  • Magnetic mounting

Minimum order quantity required.



  weight dimensions cable diameter shop link
e-Lock Standard 810 grams 106mm x 156mm x 38mm 3.5mm available now, ask us

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