Custom designed Bag


We offer a wide range of bag sizes, materials, and printing types, you may have some specific requirements for your bag that our standard range doesn't cover.

You can customise the size, colour, material, printing, and security features of your bag. If this sounds daunting, don't worry - when you contact us, a friendly B-Sealed representative will work with you through the design and manufacture of your bespoke bag.

Clear top kit bag

The clear top kit bags are stiffened-wall bags with a clear window on the top cover, facilitating inspection of the bag contents.

Ballot bag

Our ballot bags are designed to have two openings. One is a small slot for insertion of ballots, forms or small bags, while the other is a top cover which can flip open completely for easy access to the contents.

BB6 bag

Our BB6 bags are a class of extra large bags designed to contain high quantities of goods.

Roller bag

Our Roller Bags resemble standard rolling luggage but have an internal compartment which are secured with tamper evident seals. This allows the roller security bag to be discrete and will present less of a target than conspicuous standard security bags.

Padded bag

Padded carry bag to protect equipment during transit.


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