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Clear Kit Bag


Our clear kit bags are made of a completely transparent material, allowing unimpeded views of the bag contents, facilitating inspection of details such as expiry dates or batch numbers. The bags have pockets integrated into both sides of the bag that are accessible only from the inside. These are useful for slipping items in so that expiry dates or serial numbers face outwards for easy and reliable inspection.

Like most of our reusable security bags, they are used in conjunction with ZipLock security seals to make them tamper evident. A specially created housing locks the zipper head in place by use of a ZipLock seal, and its unique serial number is logged.


  • Prison services
  • Military base
  • Hospitals
  • Postal services
  • Medical & pharmaceutical

Key Features

  • Used in conjunction with ZipLock
  • No tools required to remove seals
  product code dimensions
Clear kit bag CK1 CK1 300mm x 230mm x 160mm

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